Module Rubygame::EventActions
In: lib/rubygame/event_actions.rb

This module contains all the event action classes that come with Rubygame.

An event action class is simply a class which can be used as an action an EventHook. The action is used to cause some effect when the EventHook matches an event.

The only requirement for an event action is this:

  • It must have a perform method which takes exactly two arguments (the hook owner and an event). Return values are ignored.

You can make your own custom event action classes and use them in an EventHook if they meet that requirement.

Here is an overview of the event action classes that come with Rubygame as of version 2.4:

BlockAction:Calls a custom code block, passing it the hook owner and the event.
MethodAction:Calls one of the owner’s methods, passing it the event.
MultiAction:Holds multiple other actions and performs each of them, in order.

Classes and Modules

Class Rubygame::EventActions::BlockAction
Class Rubygame::EventActions::MethodAction
Class Rubygame::EventActions::MultiAction