Class Rubygame::EventTriggers::KindOfTrigger
In: lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb
Parent: Object

KindOfTrigger is an event trigger which fires when the event is kind of the given class or module. (In other words, when event.kind_of?( kind ) is true.)

Contrast with InstanceOfTrigger.


match?   new  

Public Class methods

Initialize a new instance of KindOfTrigger with the given class or module.

kind:The class/module to check for. (Class or Module, required)


# File lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb, line 489
        def initialize( kind )
                @kind = kind

Public Instance methods

Returns true if the event is kind of the class/module.


# File lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb, line 495
        def match?( event )
                event.kind_of?( @kind )