Class Rubygame::EventTriggers::MouseReleaseTrigger
In: lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb
Parent: Object

MouseReleaseTrigger is an event trigger which fires when a mouse button is released (i.e. MouseReleased).

By default, this trigger fires for any mouse release, but it can be configured to fire for only a specific mouse button by passing a button symbol to new.

See also MousePressTrigger.


match?   new  

Public Class methods

Initialize a new instance of MouseReleaseTrigger with the given mouse button.

button:The mouse button symbol to detect, or :any to detect any button press.

Valid mouse button symbols are: :mouse_left, :mouse_middle, :mouse_right, :mouse_wheel_up, and :mouse_wheel_down.


# File lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb, line 654
        def initialize( button=:any )
                @button = button

Public Instance methods

Returns true if the event is a MouseReleased event and the event’s button is the same as the trigger’s button (or the trigger’s button is :any).


# File lib/rubygame/event_triggers.rb, line 662
        def match?( event )
                if event.kind_of?( Rubygame::Events::MouseReleased )
                        ((@button == :any) or (event.button == @button))