Class Rubygame::Events::JoystickButtonPressed
In: lib/rubygame/events/joystick_events.rb
Parent: Object

JoystickButtonPressed is an event that occurs when a joystick button has been pressed.

A joystick button is a button that can be pressed by the user’s thumbs or fingers. The number of buttons varies with the joystick. Most joysticks have at least two buttons; fancy ones can have up to 12 or even 20 buttons.

Like a mouse button, a joystick button is either “pressed” or “not pressed”, with no middle states.



Included Modules


Public Class methods

Creates a new JoystickButtonPressed instance.

joystick_id:an integer identifying which joystick changed. The first joystick is 0.
button:an integer identifying which button was pressed. The first button on each joystick is 0.


# File lib/rubygame/events/joystick_events.rb, line 149
      def initialize( joystick_id, button )