Module Rubygame::Sprites
In: lib/rubygame/sprite.rb

The Sprites module provides classes and mix-in modules for managing sprites. A Sprite is, fundamentally, a Surface with an associated Rect which defines the position of that Surface on the Screen. Additionally, sprites can have some behavior associated with them via the Sprite#update method, including movement and collision detection; because of this, sprites can be the foundation of most on-screen objects, such as characters, items, missiles, and even user-interface elements.

There are several classes/modules under the Sprites module:

Sprite:mix-in module to turn an individual object or class into a Sprite.
Group:class for containing and manipulating many Sprite objects.
UpdateGroup:mix-in module for Group to allow undrawing/redrawing of member Sprite objects.
LimitGroup:mix-in module for Group to limit the number of Sprite objects the Group can hold at once.

More mix-in modules to extend the functionality of Group or Sprite are planned for the future. Do not hesitate to change either (or both) Group or Sprite within your application to fit your needs! That’s what they are here for!

Classes and Modules

Module Rubygame::Sprites::DepthSortGroup
Module Rubygame::Sprites::LimitGroup
Module Rubygame::Sprites::Sprite
Module Rubygame::Sprites::UpdateGroup
Class Rubygame::Sprites::Group