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  • John Croisant / jacius
    Email:jacius at
    Role:Creator; primary developer
    Date:2004 - present

Past Developers

  • Ash Wilson / smashwilson
    Email:smashwilson at
    Role:Assistant developer
    Date:2007 - 2008
  • Roger Ostrander / denor
    Email:atiaxi at
    Role:Assistant developer
    Date:2007 - 2008
  • Rusterholz Stefan / apeiros
    Email:apeiros at
    Role:Assistant developer
    Date:2007 - 2008
  • Bjorn De Meyer / beoran
    Email:beoran at
    Role:Assistant developer
    Date:Nov 2007 - 2008

Other Source Contributors

  • Randy Eckenrode
    Email:randy.eckenrode at
    Contribution:Patch to improve Win32 compatibility (memory allocation, extconf.rb improvements, misc. other changes).
    Date:received 2006-01-19; applied 2006-02-04 (r143).
  • Yun, Jonghyouk / ageldama
    Email:ageldama at
    Contribution:Patch to add TTF#render_utf and TTF#render_unicode methods; UTF8 demo application.
    Date:received 2007-03-04; applied 2007-04-13 (r235).
  • Johan Berntsson
    Email:johan at
    Contribution:Patch to add Mixer::Music class (music playback).
    Date:2007-04-27 (r304).
  • Daniel Neis Araujo / danielneis
    Email:danielneis at
    Contribution:Patch to add Sprite#undraw (based on UpdateGroup#undraw).
    Date:2007-07-29 (r460).
  • ippa
    Email:admin at
    Contribution:Patch to optimize Rect#collide_rect?
    Date:2007-11-21 (r595)
  • Michael Swiger / mokkan
    Email:mokkan at
    Contribution:Patch to add Screen.icon=
    Date:2007-11-21 (r597)
  • Elio Cuevas G√≥mez / elcugo
    Email:elcugo at
    Contribution:Patch to fix color conversion segfault on x86_64.