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Last Update: 2009-10-24 15:52:57 -0500

Custom SDL Load Paths

In Rubygame 2.6 and later, you can tell Rubygame to look in custom locations to find the SDL libraries (e.g. DLL files). This is mostly intended for when you are packaging your application in a stand-alone package (e.g. with RubyScript2Exe), and want to distribute the SDL libraries with your application, so that users do not need to install SDL.

Setting Load Paths

Setting custom load paths is easy: just set the SDL_PATHS constant to an Array of directories before you do `require “rubygame”`. Note: You really must set SDL_PATHS before loading Rubygame!

Rubygame will look first in the paths in SDL_PATHS, in the order they are given in the array. If Rubygame can’t find a SDL library in any of the SDL_PATHS directories, Rubygame will then search for the library in some common library paths for the current operating system (e.g. “C:windowssystem32" on Windows, “/usr/lib/“ on Linux, etc.).

For example, if the SDL libraries are in “mygame/libs/“, and your main script is “mygame/mygame.rb“, you could do the following in “mygame/mygame.rb“:

  main_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
  SDL_PATHS = [ File.join( main_dir, "libs" ) ]

  require "rubygame"

  # ... the rest of your code ...

Per-OS Load Paths

If you prefer to split the libraries into a separate directory for each operating system, you can set SDL_PATHS to a Hash instead. For example:

  main_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
    /linux/   => File.join( main_dir, "libs", "linux"   ),
    /bsd/     => File.join( main_dir, "libs", "bsd"     ),
    /darwin/  => File.join( main_dir, "libs", "mac"     ),
    /windows/ => File.join( main_dir, "libs", "windows" ),

  require "rubygame"

  # ... the rest of your code ...

Each key in the hash should be a Regexp that matches an OS name. As of this writing (October 2009), the list of recognized OS names is:

  • “darwin” (MacOS X)
  • “freebsd“
  • “linux“
  • “openbsd“
  • “solaris“
  • “windows“

Library File Names

Rubygame has certain expectations about the names of library files for each operating system (“[NAME]” is replaced with e.g. “SDL”):

Mac:lib[NAME].dylib or [NAME].framework/[NAME]

The specific libraries used by Rubygame are:; libSDL.dylib or SDL.framework/SDL; SDL.dll; libSDL_gfx.dylib or SDL_gfx.framework/SDL_gfx; SDL_gfx.dll; libSDL_image.dylib or SDL_image.framework/SDL_image; SDL_image.dll; libSDL_mixer.dylib or SDL_mixer.framework/SDL_mixer; SDL_mixer.dll; libSDL_ttf.dylib or SDL_ttf.framework/SDL_ttf; SDL_ttf.dll

SDL is absolutely required. The others are optional, but strongly recommended, because they provide a lot of extra functionality.