Path: doc/keyboard_symbols.rdoc
Last Update: 2009-10-24 15:52:57 -0500

This is a list of every possible key that a keyboard event can have in Rubygame. You can view this list in a nicer form at .

The names on the left represent constants in the Rubygame module, e.g. Rubygame::K_BACKSPACE. These were used in the legacy (before Rubygame 2.4) event classes: Rubygame::KeyDownEvent and Rubygame::KeyUpEvent.

The legacy event classes are deprecated and will be removed in Rubygame 3.0, so you should not use them.

The symbols on the right are used in the new event classes: Rubygame::Events::KeyPressed and Rubygame::Events::KeyReleased.

  K_BACKSPACE     :backspace
  K_TAB           :tab
  K_CLEAR         :clear
  K_RETURN        :return
  K_PAUSE         :pause
  K_ESCAPE        :escape
  K_SPACE         :space
  K_EXCLAIM       :exclamation_mark
  K_QUOTEDBL      :double_quote
  K_HASH          :hash
  K_DOLLAR        :dollar
  K_AMPERSAND     :ampersand
  K_QUOTE         :quote
  K_LEFTPAREN     :left_parenthesis
  K_RIGHTPAREN    :right_parenthesis
  K_ASTERISK      :asterisk
  K_PLUS          :plus
  K_COMMA         :comma
  K_MINUS         :minus
  K_PERIOD        :period
  K_SLASH         :slash
  K_0             :number_0
  K_1             :number_1
  K_2             :number_2
  K_3             :number_3
  K_4             :number_4
  K_5             :number_5
  K_6             :number_6
  K_7             :number_7
  K_8             :number_8
  K_9             :number_9
  K_COLON         :":"                  (will become :colon in Rubygame 3.0)
  K_SEMICOLON     :semicolon
  K_LESS          :less_than
  K_EQUALS        :equals
  K_GREATER       :greater_than
  K_QUESTION      :question_mark
  K_AT            :at
  K_LEFTBRACKET   :left_bracket
  K_BACKSLASH     :backslash
  K_RIGHTBRACKET  :right_bracket
  K_CARET         :caret
  K_UNDERSCORE    :underscore
  K_BACKQUOTE     :backquote
  K_A             :a
  K_B             :b
  K_C             :c
  K_D             :d
  K_E             :e
  K_F             :f
  K_G             :g
  K_H             :h
  K_I             :i
  K_J             :j
  K_K             :k
  K_L             :l
  K_M             :m
  K_N             :n
  K_O             :o
  K_P             :p
  K_Q             :q
  K_R             :r
  K_S             :s
  K_T             :t
  K_U             :u
  K_V             :v
  K_W             :w
  K_X             :x
  K_Y             :y
  K_Z             :z
  K_DELETE        :delete
  K_WORLD_0       :world_0
  K_WORLD_1       :world_1
  K_WORLD_2       :world_2
  K_WORLD_3       :world_3
  K_WORLD_4       :world_4
  K_WORLD_5       :world_5
  K_WORLD_6       :world_6
  K_WORLD_7       :world_7
  K_WORLD_8       :world_8
  K_WORLD_9       :world_9
  K_WORLD_10      :world_10
  K_WORLD_11      :world_11
  K_WORLD_12      :world_12
  K_WORLD_13      :world_13
  K_WORLD_14      :world_14
  K_WORLD_15      :world_15
  K_WORLD_16      :world_16
  K_WORLD_17      :world_17
  K_WORLD_18      :world_18
  K_WORLD_19      :world_19
  K_WORLD_20      :world_20
  K_WORLD_21      :world_21
  K_WORLD_22      :world_22
  K_WORLD_23      :world_23
  K_WORLD_24      :world_24
  K_WORLD_25      :world_25
  K_WORLD_26      :world_26
  K_WORLD_27      :world_27
  K_WORLD_28      :world_28
  K_WORLD_29      :world_29
  K_WORLD_30      :world_30
  K_WORLD_31      :world_31
  K_WORLD_32      :world_32
  K_WORLD_33      :world_33
  K_WORLD_34      :world_34
  K_WORLD_35      :world_35
  K_WORLD_36      :world_36
  K_WORLD_37      :world_37
  K_WORLD_38      :world_38
  K_WORLD_39      :world_39
  K_WORLD_40      :world_40
  K_WORLD_41      :world_41
  K_WORLD_42      :world_42
  K_WORLD_43      :world_43
  K_WORLD_44      :world_44
  K_WORLD_45      :world_45
  K_WORLD_46      :world_46
  K_WORLD_47      :world_47
  K_WORLD_48      :world_48
  K_WORLD_49      :world_49
  K_WORLD_50      :world_50
  K_WORLD_51      :world_51
  K_WORLD_52      :world_52
  K_WORLD_53      :world_53
  K_WORLD_54      :world_54
  K_WORLD_55      :world_55
  K_WORLD_56      :world_56
  K_WORLD_57      :world_57
  K_WORLD_58      :world_58
  K_WORLD_59      :world_59
  K_WORLD_60      :world_60
  K_WORLD_61      :world_61
  K_WORLD_62      :world_62
  K_WORLD_63      :world_63
  K_WORLD_64      :world_64
  K_WORLD_65      :world_65
  K_WORLD_66      :world_66
  K_WORLD_67      :world_67
  K_WORLD_68      :world_68
  K_WORLD_69      :world_69
  K_WORLD_70      :world_70
  K_WORLD_71      :world_71
  K_WORLD_72      :world_72
  K_WORLD_73      :world_73
  K_WORLD_74      :world_74
  K_WORLD_75      :world_75
  K_WORLD_76      :world_76
  K_WORLD_77      :world_77
  K_WORLD_78      :world_78
  K_WORLD_79      :world_79
  K_WORLD_80      :world_80
  K_WORLD_81      :world_81
  K_WORLD_82      :world_82
  K_WORLD_83      :world_83
  K_WORLD_84      :world_84
  K_WORLD_85      :world_85
  K_WORLD_86      :world_86
  K_WORLD_87      :world_87
  K_WORLD_88      :world_88
  K_WORLD_89      :world_89
  K_WORLD_90      :world_90
  K_WORLD_91      :world_91
  K_WORLD_92      :world_92
  K_WORLD_93      :world_93
  K_WORLD_94      :world_94
  K_WORLD_95      :world_95
  K_KP0           :keypad_0
  K_KP1           :keypad_1
  K_KP2           :keypad_2
  K_KP3           :keypad_3
  K_KP4           :keypad_4
  K_KP5           :keypad_5
  K_KP6           :keypad_6
  K_KP7           :keypad_7
  K_KP8           :keypad_8
  K_KP9           :keypad_9
  K_KP_PERIOD     :keypad_period
  K_KP_DIVIDE     :keypad_divide
  K_KP_MULTIPLY   :keypad_multiply
  K_KP_MINUS      :keypad_minus
  K_KP_PLUS       :keypad_plus
  K_KP_ENTER      :keypad_enter
  K_KP_EQUALS     :keypad_equals
  K_UP            :up
  K_DOWN          :down
  K_RIGHT         :right
  K_LEFT          :left
  K_INSERT        :insert
  K_HOME          :home
  K_END           :end
  K_PAGEUP        :page_up
  K_PAGEDOWN      :page_down
  K_F1            :f1
  K_F2            :f2
  K_F3            :f3
  K_F4            :f4
  K_F5            :f5
  K_F6            :f6
  K_F7            :f7
  K_F8            :f8
  K_F9            :f9
  K_F10           :f10
  K_F11           :f11
  K_F12           :f12
  K_F13           :f13
  K_F14           :f14
  K_F15           :f15
  K_NUMLOCK       :numlock
  K_CAPSLOCK      :caps_lock
  K_SCROLLOCK     :scroll_lock
  K_RSHIFT        :right_shift
  K_LSHIFT        :left_shift
  K_RCTRL         :right_ctrl
  K_LCTRL         :left_ctrl
  K_RALT          :right_alt
  K_LALT          :left_alt
  K_RMETA         :right_meta
  K_LMETA         :left_meta
  K_LSUPER        :left_super
  K_RSUPER        :right_super
  K_MODE          :alt_gr
  K_HELP          :help
  K_PRINT         :print_screen
  K_SYSREQ        :sys_req
  K_BREAK         :break
  K_MENU          :menu
  K_POWER         :power
  K_EURO          :euro