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Last Update: 2009-10-24 15:52:57 -0500

Note: You can view the latest version of this guide online at the Rubygame wiki:

Gather Dependencies

  • Ruby, the language itself. The easiest option here is the one-click installer. This will install Ruby and a number of useful libraries without any hassle.
  • SDL. Download the Win32 binary package, e.g. ““.

The rest are optional dependencies, but highly recommended. If you don’t have them, you won’t be able to use certain features of Rubygame.

  • SDL_image. Grab the Win32 binary package, e.g. ““.
  • SDL_mixer. Just like before, grab the Win32 binary package, e.g. ““.
  • SDL_ttf. Again, get the Win32 binary package, e.g. ““.
  • SDL_gfx (compiled version). Many thanks to a generous Rubygame user (bmatthew1) for providing a compiled Windows DLL for SDL_gfx!

Once you have downloaded everything, unzip them and copy the *.dll files into the C:windowssystem32 directory. This will allow the libraries to be detected and loaded by Rubygame.

Install Rubygame

The simplest way to install Rubygame is: gem install rubygame

Or you can download the source from Github and follow the installation instructions in README.


If all goes well, you have successfully installed Rubygame. Try to execute require 'rubygame' in an irb session and run the provided samples to ensure that everything is acceptable.

If you have any trouble installing Rubygame, please post in the forums.